Regulations for the prevention of accidents – UVV

The UVV describe binding obligations with regard to the safety and the protection of health at the workplace for every company and every person insured by the statutory accident insurance.

As the bodies responsible for the statutory accident insurance, the employers’ liability insurance associations specify defined time intervals for the inspection periods.

Our service team conducts the upcoming annual on-site UVV inspection of all press brands, including the inspection of electro-sensitive protective equipment (BWS) in accordance with the valid EN Directive.

Among other things the following are inspected and recorded.

-Intervention hazard during the dangerous closing movement (step-behind protection etc.)
-Overtravel / overtravel time
-Effectiveness of protective field, movable screens etc.
-Safety distance
-Two-hand functionality
-Faultless function of all safety components

Minor maintenance measures can be dealt with immediately and unbureaucratically in agreement with the customer.